Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday, the coffee tastes good.

Hey there, kiddies!

I'm pleased to announce that there's lots going on in Dervish Land on this fine August morning. Let's start with Outtake Reel, shall we?

Not only is today the birth date of Ava Santana, star of Outtake Reel, but it is the day that The Horror Show TV announced that it has picked up the film for VOD distribution throughout the UK.

Pre-production on the musical film project The Orange Man: Adrift has been fairly intense. Regrettably, much of the content of that project is incredibly depressing material, and after having buried myself in it for several weeks, I am slowing down for the purpose of maintaining my sanity. But it's good stuff, folks!

The residual energy that I've had to dedicate to all things productive and horror has been re-routed to a couple of other things. I will be writing my second article for Fangoria on the legacy of EC Horror Comics. Russ Cochran had been working with Gemstone Publishing to re-print them in beautiful archive books, but stopped right after horror and comic book fans were sufficiently hooked. Now, Dark Horse is picking up where he left off, and I'm on the case!

The final exciting news bulletin is that after attending Scare LA, the first Halloween Convention in Los Angeles, I wrote an article and posted it on my new site, Horror Works. The site is intended to inform horror fans about the various goings-on in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Being as though there is a generous-size horror community here, I thought it was odd that there wasn't a centralized hub; so, I hastily decided that I should start one. Also, I love attending various horror events and writing about them, but sometimes the various horror magazines for which I write pass on my coverage of said events. So, through this new site, "I give them to you, the people" [spoken in a Henry Kissinger / Bane voice].

The site features a News page, with listings of various LA area activities for horror fans; an Articles page, which features -- you guessed it -- my writings about local horror events; and a Reviews page, which is currently the home of a doozer and an "under construction" sign.

Whelp, that should catch you up for now. Fare thee well, and don't forget to have a great day!

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