Thursday, August 22, 2013

So, Thursday, we meet again!

Greetings kiddies! This week in Dervishville, I've done a lot of work creating content for the new L.A. Horror Community Website, Horror Works. I've been Tweeting away on the official Horror Works Twitter Feed to try to keep the information about local horror events circulating, and I've been trying to fill the sister page on Facebook with original content as well. As far as my skills in making a website are concerned, I've been using Sitebuilder (a really simple tool) to create the pages of the Horror Works site; the only problem is that the program has limitations. For example, if you try to view the pages on a mobile device, it looks terrible. But a good old bicycle ride to the library for some Idiot's books on website building should help me transition to the more effective website-building program, Dreamweaver.

In my last announcement, I believe I told ya that Outtake Reel was being picked up by The Horror Show TV (a VOD company which serves most of the UK). Well, it's still true! Also in Outtake Reel news, Indie Horror TV will be showing Outtake Reel (followed by an interview with me) on September 2.

I guess that's about it for now; so, I'm gonna get back to writing music for my insanely depressing new film project, The Orange Man: Adrift.

Y'all take care now!

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