Friday, September 6, 2013

On the eve of one Friday...

Hey there, gang! Let's start with a little Outtake Reel news, shall we? Last night I did a live online interview for Indie Horror TV. It was a fun experience, I got to plug my projects, give people advice on how to chase their filmmaking dreams and talk about movies that inspire me. Also, the film is now available for HD downloads and VOD in the UK through The Horror Show TV. If you go there now, a banner with part of the OR poster is the first thing you'll see.

I submitted my article on EC Comics to Fangoria magazine, and editor-in-chief Chris Alexander said he loved it. It's a pretty intoxicating experience to get that kind of feedback from the editor of a magazine you cherished when you were a kid. And the topic is really close to home, too. Creepshow was one of the first movies that scared me badly enough to land me at the foot of my parents' bed. Creepshow, of course, was inspired by / was an ode to EC Comics, which my dad then proceeded to teach me about (Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, The Haunt of Fear, etc.). Later, the cable series presented adaptations from the comics, but the comics still have some of the best storytelling in them. So, when I discovered that Dark Horse Comics was going to collaborate with Russ Cochran to continue producing Mr. Cochran's exquisite EC Archives series, I was thrilled! So, I pitched the idea to Chris, and he loved it to. "And," as Paul Harvey used to say, "now you know the rest of the story."

In other news, I have been continuing work on Horror Works, the website dedicated to the Horror Community of Los Angeles. Last weekend, I read an ad in the OC Weekly for a club event called Fetish Apocalypse. The description of the event mentioned costumes of horror and sci-fi themes. Thus, I figured it was fair game for coverage for my site. I called them up and was put on their guest list. The resulting experience was synthesized into the article photos and video show I posted here. Mind, don't click there if you're at work or if you are troubled by images of an S&M crowd. Regardless, I tried to keep the presentation as tasteful and as artfully crafted as possible given the subject matter.

I guess that's about it for Dervish Pictures for right now. I bid you peace and good will until the next report...

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