Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday I inserted Foreign Objects into my Body

Yes, it was a wondrous day! It was a day of joy and sorrow, but at least I got the sorrow out of the way early on. After traveling to, calling, and e-mailing four different eye-exam offices, I finally wound up going to Target's Vision Center to get sized-up for contacts.

I need a contact lens prescription in order to receive the Theatrical Contact Lenses that ExtremeSFX is donating to the production of TITO. I had never worn contacts before, and both putting them in and taking them out was very difficult. Finally, to get them out, I just thought, "Hell, if every man, woman, and child I know can do this, then so can I!" I wound up grasping onto my eyeballs and squeezing and shaking them to get the lenses off.

I also made a mold of my teeth. This is achieved by shoving a plastic tray of alginate (a goop-like substance) into one's mouth for about four minutes. I had to do the top and bottom separately; fortunately, the stuff has no taste. Right now, the dental stone, which will yield replicas of my teeth, is setting (hardening) in the kitchen.

So, first my eyes and then my mouth - two sensitive openings - were invaded by foreign objects and substances today. It's all part of the continuing adventures in making Tuning In, Tuning Out.

Coming Soon: My Fiberglass Adventure

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