Monday, October 4, 2010

Yes, it's Monday

An unrestful night. Only slept 3.5 hours. Don't know why. Thoughts won't rest. That's one way to find inspiration.

Created outline for new screenplay. Exchanged texts at 1:30 am with an inebriated friend, who appreciated TMT. You gotta love modern technology -- it seems like only yesterday that I had to pull the plug out of my phone to prevent drunken friends from calling at all hours. Nowadays, you just need to silence your phone. You know who it is, and everything. Boy, the kids of nowadays will never know the experience of having to wake up, answer the phone and listen to the ramblings of an intoxicated friend in the wee hours of the morning. Ah...a bit of culture lost to technology...

Okay, I'm supposed to be talking about my creative endeavors, here. So... on board for today is to do some significant writing of one or two of my new brainchild features, "wait by the phone" for my test audience members to respond with their critiques of OR, and begin production on the next installment of TMT.

By the way, The Social Network is a very good movie and it is worth seeing.

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