Sunday, October 3, 2010

And on the seventh day, I rested...

Another ferschlugginer headache this morning...though not as bad as usual. And at this point in the wee early hours of the afternoon, it is mostly gone.

An engagement with a child's birthday party absorbed most of my hours yesterday, so I was not able to do much work. I did, however, get the most thorough criticism of my life by the brother of the birthday girl. He said, "I hate his shoes, his pants, his shirt, his glasses, I hate everything about him." I'm not really sure why. Oh well...

I've finished with my tutoring work of the day. Now my wife and I are going to grab a bite to eat at our favorite reasonably priced asian fusion buffet, Zen Buffet, and then see a movie, probably The Social Network.

Afterward, perhaps we'll stop in a fabric store so I can get some supplies for the next installment of TMT.


  1. Scott.....It was a pleasure to meet you at the acclaimed B Day party. Alway good to know there are people out there who find humor in the horror without the need for medication. Your shoes and pants were fine, i believe, so buck up young soldier.

    Look forward to exchanging writings.
    And pictures of the party you attended post underage engagement.

    Shannon OH

  2. Scott, my client wishes to inform you that his hatred for you is undimished. In fact it burns within his five year old heart so intensly it keeps him warm at night. His retrobution will be terrible and just. As his Dad I must say I would have preffered the Lovely Betty. He may be ready to bury the hatchet with you on his sixth birthday. Scott, make your peace and adjust your schedule for November 19th, for that is his day. His second will contact your second.

    The father of your enemy,