Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thursday it's Hot...No, Wednesday, it's Cool.

Dear Bloggery, it's been five months since my last confession. [This was written on May 1, it is May 21, 2014].

Ah, blogs... how you taunt your keepers. You are the crying baby that we neglect. You are the nagging wife that we make promises to. You are the friend that we have allowed, so graciously, to sleep on our couch only to still be there when we tire of you...

Let's see, last entry was on December 17; that means that I need to update you (you nebulous "you," you!) with my new branch of entertainment journalism. I have been writing and taking photos for the local entertainment journal OC Weekly. Here is a link to some of the articles and reviews I've written. Many of them are still heavily connected with other aspects of the entertainment industry; for examples, I wrote a feature article on the highly theatrical band Skinny Puppy, I wrote a review of the musical performance of Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges's show with his band, The Abiders, and I wrote a review of a Goblin concert (they, of course, scored many of the horror films of Italian horror director Dario Argento). I've also had an opportunity to take some photos for OC Weekly, and in addition to conducting an interview with Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction, and writing an article and a review about them, I took photos of their exclusive Las Vegas show, wherein they performed their entire first studio album, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

In addition to the OC Weekly work, I've recently had several articles come out in various horror magazines. I have a cover story in the latest issue of Screem magazine; the article is an interview I conducted with Gareth Edwards, director of the new Godzilla movie. I also recently had another article published in Fangoria; this one was an interview with the director of the film Jinn.

Naturally, with all of these gigs, work on Horror Works, my site dedicated to the horror community of Los Angeles, has slowed; however, I still chip away at it. There are probably a dozen or so new reviews and articles waiting for your thirsty eyes at the site. As usual, most of my overflow photos from various events wind up on the Horror Works Facebook page. And, not to brag...but, there are many amazing photos waiting for you in the photo albums there. The most recent addition is an extensive album of shots from the recent horror convention, Monsterpalooza, which was held in Burbank as usual.

As far as film work goes, as usual, I currently have numerous projects in various stages of development. That, dear diary...err...I mean "dear bloggery" is the news for the day (and if my latest tendency to keep up with the blog is any indication, this will be the news for the next half year). Take care, all! See you next time 'round!

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