Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A B C D E F Tuesday

And here we...STOP! I was about to get the pre-production going for my third feature film, but for reasons beyond my control [money], the mission has been temporarily suspended. It was a bit of a heartbreak because I do so love putting a production together. Alas, sometimes reality checks artists. Oh well, what can you do? Keep on keepin' on, I suppose. There's still plenty to occupy me. I'm actually still fine-tuning the script, regardless, and if I can't find the means to produce it, I'll see if I can sell it; it's a pretty catchy idea, and it's got everything that a good horror film should have. Onward...

I recently interviewed Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad regarding his upcoming film Jinn for Fangoria. I'm pretty excited about that as well as another article I'm doing for Fango (mums the word at the moment). My work on Horror Works has slowed a bit, which is a great relief. Boy does that site take a lot out of me. It's fun, I'll admit, but it requires mucho worko. I posted a review there last week for a really great show that I saw called The Mystery Plays at The Lex Theater in Los Angeles. Powerful good stuff!

Apart from some more music I'm working on and started recording for a possible short experimental film (feature or no feature, I just can't stop the flow of creative juices), I guess that's about it for now. Y'all take care, and have yourselves some happy holidays!

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