Saturday, May 18, 2013

Once upon a Saturday...

Ah, the things we do when we're desperate...

Because my car is dying, I just cleaned out its trunk. Within the depths of junk going back the eight years I've owned the car, I found relics from my days as a high school teacher, relics from the apartment that I'd shared with a cousin (which was back in 2002, meaning that the relics had been transferred from at least one prior car trunk [possibly two]), props from my various films, scraps of paper with sparks of ideas and jokes, dead batteries, live batteries, tools, video tapes, cups, blankets, various car fluids, a t-shirt, painting supplies, tennis rackets, rope, twine, bungee cords, etc.

In the production offices, I'm continuing work on the TITO documentary, writing articles for various horror magazines, gradually cleaning up the place (in general), and I've also managed to write some fiction that I'm planning on self-publishing through Smashwords. Finally, I'm about to submit TITO to two additional film festivals.

I guess that's about it for "feeding the blog" for now. Gotta try to keep it fresh!

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