Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I can say Wednesday (with some difficulty)

For a person to say they're a poet seems anachronistic. I had a "professor" at Columbia College Chicago who tried to convince her class that rap was poetry. Perhaps there's some that is, but I never had any interest to spend time wading through all the "gangsta," "bitch, suck my dick," "pop a cap in yo ass" idiocy to find it. In any event, I keep journals regularly; they are comprised of story ideas, "brilliant" one-liners, snippets of dialog that may fit into one of my stories, doodles and poems. Hmm, I'm going to err on the side of "if I write poems even though I'm not in a poetry class, I'm a poet."

In any event, I believe that this fairly rambling pre-amble is just an advertisement to get you, dear reader, to pop on by my new blog. Don't worry, this one's not going anywhere -- as "the other blog" serves a different purpose from this one. This one is basically about keeping you posted on my film and writing projects, whereas the new one, called Personal Juice, is essentially a virtual version of the journals I was just describing. Anyway, check it out if you are so inclined. It is here.

All right, onto business. Progress on the TITO documentary has been slow (mostly due to having to deal with selling my dying car and buying a new one [a work in progress]). However, I just submitted TITO to the Fantastic Film Festival, which I hope accepts my little film. On Monday morning, Chris Alexander, the Editor-in-Chief of Fangoria magazine accepted my first article for Fango. And although for some reason I'm not feeling the nostalgia value of the acceptance (probably due to being pre-occupied with the car situation [and my mom's concern thereof]), I grew up reading Fangoria magazine and, in fact, had wallpapered my bedroom with the mini-posters of monsters, make-up artists, and grotesqueties that they portrayed.

In fact, when Chris read my article, he gave me the same feedback as Ogre had [reference is to an article I wrote after interviewing a childhood hero: lead singer of the band Skinny Puppy]; they both said that the articles were "fantastic." So, that's definitely good news.

Beyond that, I've been gradually molding several stories, which are in various stages of development, for future film projects -- including the biker film that I originally wrote with my late father. I've also been tinkering with some musical recordings and may spring something fairly interesting on a most-likely uninterested public in the near future.

Until then, I've got plenty of work to do, so I bid you peace and good day!

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