Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What the...It's Tuesday?!?!

After some fairly recent events transpired, I was shocked to remember that I have a blog!

Yes, folks, it's true. I forgot all about you. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but the fact remains. I've been paying SO much attention to the various projects that have enveloped my life, that I forgot about this blog. So, here's the rundown: I had a firm foothold in my short film project, Tuning In, Tuning Out (a short, experimental, horror film about the dangers of society's reliance on popular media as a source for culture and information), when, somehow or another, I wound up getting myself a gig as the Editor-in-Chief of Diabolique Magazine.

Following that, I lost myself and spent the next several months in a chaotic swirl of deadlines. In the aftermath, I have finished the short film, which has already premiered at the L.A. Horror Fest, and I am currently working on my third issue with Diabolique. Oh, also, I didn't have a nervous breakdown... although there were a few moments there...

In any case, I just wanted to let you all know that, for this brief moment in time, I remembered you!

Peace, y'all!

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