Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday, again (still)

One would think that it would be easier to obtain an amount of Ultracal 30 in Orange County. But it is not the case. In fact, today I had to travel to an obscure little office / showroom to even get some decent silicone. What are these needed for, you wonder? A rescue mission.

Since the early applications of Hydrocal to the alginate lifecast of my face, cracks have been appearing. As I continued creating more layers of the Hydrocal plaster, for reinforcement, new ones would appear. I would continue patching the old ones as I continued to layer, but after the final layer was applied, when the plaster positive was about an inch thick, several cracks appeared which were so deep that they went all the way through.

Therefore, I've set upon this rescue mission! I will make a silicone mold of the cracked face (after touching up the surface cracks), then I will re-pour the positive; only this time I will use Ultracal 30, which I should have to begin with. The fact that no one around here seems to sell it is disconcerting. If the place where I got the Hydrocal currently has Ultracal 30 in stock, perhaps they will allow me a swap in exchange for their useless product...and hope that their Ultracal 30 is of a good grade.

Yes, there are many aspects to producing a film; especially if you're doing most of it yourself. Tune in next time for another adventure on the road of making Tuning In, Tuning Out.

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