Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday, it's May...

I've been burning the midnight oil lately...mostly working on Tuning In, Tuning Out.

After finalizing a shoot date, I am pleased to announce that principal photography for my new experimental, horror, short film will take place on the first two weekends in June.

Make-Up artists Alondra Excene Shields and D'nelle Almanza came by and took a life cast of my face last week; I have just finished making the positive mold of my face, upon which I will sculpt the various appliances that will eventually wind up transforming my character into a frightening creature.

Images of this process, as well as the headshots of several cast members have been added to the Facebook Page that I started for this project.

I have also been working on creating a video to generate interest and donations for the production. It is a very unique presentation, insofar as such things go, and I hope that it allows me to raise the modest sum that I will require to make this project possible.

It should be done in a few days, so stay tuned!

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