Monday, December 19, 2011

What? It's Monday...In December?

Someone recently informed me that they visited my blog, which reminded me that I have one. Sorry, dear reader, if you've been waiting long...

Okay, let's have me catch you up on what's been going on in the world of Dervish Pictures (ie. Scott Oliver Feinblatt). A cursory spin around the Dervish Pictures website will reveal to you that I've been doing some photography and musical tinkering.

Obviously, I know a few things about photography. Or, if it wasn't obvious, then it is now. My mother used to be a professional wedding / family / boudoir photographer, and I learned a few of her chops as well as having my own flair for nature / artistic photography. So, anyway, I added a photography section to the site.

Some of you are also aware that I am a musician. I used to write / record music under the moniker T.he O.range The productivity of this phase of my existence essentially stretched from 1992-2004. All of the music that was recorded after 1993 was done on an 8-track Yamaha recorder, which I recently discovered no longer works. Upon taking it to local technicians and calling the Yamaha dealership, I was laughed at and told that such things belong in the past.

Luckily, I had mixed and dubbed just about all of those tracks onto a minidisc recorder (my earliest form of digital media). Unfortunately, when I went to transfer those discs to a new format, so that I could update my archives to a more contemporary digital source, I discovered that my minidisc player / recorder no longer worked. So, I shopped online for a used mini-disc player. I landed one at Amazon for about 25 bucks.

After I began the task of transferring somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 hours of music, it occurred to me that - while I used to mix my songs and slap 'em on cassette tapes for my friends and artistic peoples everywhere - I had a bunch of material from my early years in California (circa 1999-2004) that I had never shared with anyone except maybe my dad and a couple of friends.

So, I narrowed down a cross-section of my favorites, did some digital re-mastering and bounced them down into a new mix that I posted on my site.

In other news, Outtake Reel officially became available through Amazon (and allegedly other retail outlets as well). As far as other film projects go, I've been chipping away at a few different script ideas, but overall I feel like I've got my creativity cruise control on; I'm doing stuff at a moderate pace, but I'm not currently in the fast lane.

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