Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday....Yeah, Tuesday....

It's one of those days... Not too bad. Not shining, but not too bad. Yes, it's overcast. I've been weathering storms lately...but just now there is a calm. And so I write:

With the blessing / endorsement of Victory Multimedia, a wholesale distributor, Outtake Reel is now in the hands of about 50 various wholesalers, retailers, and DVD rental chains. These 50 will decide whether or not they'd like to take on the movie. And so, we wait...

Whilst that goes down, I wait to hear if an article that I wrote on nudity in horror films will be published (and consider the possibility of expanding the subject into a book). I also plan my next project, and then there's the day job.

Not to mention:

-Do Laundry
-Pay Bills
-Wash Car
-Get New Tires
-Attend Online Traffic School

Peace be with ye, my readers...

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