Monday, September 12, 2011 neck hurts...

It's gotta be that damned futon! Anyway, it looks like we made it through another September 11th. Oh yeah, I guess it was the ten year anniversary. One might get that impression by all the hubbub. And why not? All those folks who sold t-shirts ten years ago, which read: "We'll never forget" are due for a spike in business with their new line of apparel -- t-shirts bearing the slogan: "We still remember."

Anyway, for me it was Sunday. No terrorists attacked my new apartment (the one where everything from the kitchen on through the bedroom is on a downward slope). So, it was a day to work and a day to spend time with those I love.

And now it's Monday. Another day... Images and reactions from the movies I viewed through the weekend echoing through my head: Lost Highway, Easy Rider, and my first short film, The Scratch.

Let's see what it all yields. Have a good one, all!

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