Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday...up and over...

So, this is it, is it? Friday? The day that we're all supposed to look forward to... Well, all right then. Yippee!

Just got done updating insurance information after a move. Still gotta send out that belated pesky tax packet for the state of California. Still gotta sign up for traffic school -- don't you just hate it when the Fullerton police catch you exceeding the speed limit while coming down a hill. Cheap shots is their game.

In the film world, I'm working on another article for Diabolique Magazine. This one's on nudity!!! Yes, not only is the naked female form worth marveling over in an artistic sense, its usage is also worth discussing in an intellectual fashion.

Oh, and then there's the self-distribution game I need to follow up on to insure the appearance of the Outtake Reel DVD in every cineaste's corner video store. So, onward and upward!

Peace be with you...

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