Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Hanukkah Ends

And I never lit my candles once...

It's difficult to believe that Hanukkah candles are hard to get...when I grew up, they were mailed to our house for free every year. Here, I have to go to five stores before I find them priced for $6. Ah, who needs Hanukkah candles anyway, when we have a perfectly good Christmas tree...

The responses for the new project have been terrific. Many promising actors have submitted for ALL of the roles that I posted breakdowns for. I look forward to sorting through them all and holding auditions.

In other news, I'm preparing to send out screeners of Outtake Reel to various horror film critics (starting with the ones who wrote positively about Summer People). Then, with the glowing reviews that I'm looking forward to receiving, I'll send out promotional packages to the distributors that the New York Film Festival directors referred me to.

And, with a lot of luck, Outtake Reel will begin its rise to infamy.

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