Monday, November 15, 2010

Not bad for a Monday...

Betty and I had a wonderful evening last night with our good friends, John and Roberto. For our anniversary, they cooked us a 5-course meal, they danced for us, and a wonderful time was had all around.

Now it's time to "get Blute." One of the elements that slows down the eventual finalization of Outtake Reel is the fact that so many people's input needs to be received, and Mr. Blute, the cinematographer, needs to "okay" the look of the film before everything is considered "done." Problem is that Mr. Blute is a working man, and he is very rarely in Los Angeles due to various jobs that he gets. So, I need to find out which hotel he is staying at, on his current assignment in Hawaii, and send him the current cut.

And on a side note, apparently the newest full-body-scanning technology, that is being implemented at many airports, is getting a dubious safety report. Read the article here and judge for yourself whether or not you'd like to take the risk of being irrevocably damaged by radiation.

I guess I'll have my breakfast now...

Have a good day, everyone!

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