Monday, November 8, 2010

(looking around) it...Monday?


Betty was in a very good concert last night. I was proud to attend and learn about some new music. Additionally, after the gig, she invited several of her friends out to eat, and I got to know a few really cool people.

Then we got home and I sat at my desk and worked on that furschlugginer Halloween Episode for about 6 hours. FINALLY, I finished the video aspect. Now, I just have to do the sound track...

In short, yeah...I'm hoping I finish today.

In the meantime, ideas for the projects I'm working on (and new ones) keep coming to me, so the pile of notes and ideas for dealing with other projects I'm nurturing continues to grow. One day, let me get paid to do all this... just so I can continue to do it without being reminded in occasional, harsh terms that I'm not currently making any money with it.

Enough of my belly aching, go have a good day! The next thing you hear from me will be the unveiling of the long awaited, special, Halloween Episode of TMT!

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