Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who! What! Where! When! ...Oh, it's Thursday...

Up late last night downloading the latest version of Outtake Reel from my pal in Texas. Gonna view it while I eat my morning grapefruit -- just after I finish this blog. If everything's cool, that should be the final cut.

Then I'm gonna see what I can do with our product...

In other news, I ate some decent pizza from my favorite California pizzeria, which is really a transplant from Chicago (the reason for the good quality). For anyone in the area, I give Tony's Little Italy, in Placentia, CA, my HIGHEST recommendation. Try the stuffed "Tony's Special."


  1. I just had some interesting pizza on thursday at a place called "Anyways" it was a jambalaya pizza.

  2. A jambalaya pizza? That's a first for me. The name of the joint suits the pizza style. I'm still wary of any pizza that doesn't consist of at least tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese (take for example the Chicken Alfredo pizza).

  3. Rosatti's makes an excellent SOB pizza which is sausage bacon and onion and instead of tomato sauce they use bbq sauce...pretty tasty.

  4. Sheer insanity...but sounds good (although I don't think I'd call it a pizza). It's hard to go wrong with anything once it's received a liberal coating of BBQ sauce.