Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time doesn't fly's right here. It's Sunday, 10/10/10

Got hit by a new wave of inspiration today to write...hold your breath...another comedy! Yes, I know, I've only produced horror features so far, but it's about time for a comedy, wouldn't you say? Especially since I don't think there's any way that I could raise the budget for the zombie movie I want to make, yet.

Last evening was a nearly perfect October evening. After sitting at my computer for nearly 8 hours straight (working on the John Lennon thing you see posted below), I told Betty I had to get out of the apartment, so we went to get gas for her car. Then we went to Party City to see if they had a reasonably priced rubber chicken.

While we were there, I just fell into a kind of bliss seeing all the Halloween crap that I love so much. When we left, the night was the perfect temperature and the Sun was setting -- giving the night sky a perfect purply/pink/orange cast.

All the elements were in place and the only thing that was missing was a trip to a haunted attraction. Unfortunately, my wife likes haunted attractions about as much as she enjoys movies that make you feel any powerful emotion that isn't on the positive side of the spectrum. That is to say, she don't.

So...I guess I'll be missing out on another year of fun, or flying stag, again...

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