Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A rainy Wednesday Morning

Guess what? It's raining outside. Yep. I shot an episode of TMT yesterday, and, personally, I think it's great...

Another slight headache this morning, but perhaps that's what I get for staying up late to celebrate and Betty and I watched most of The Entity, with Barbary Hershey. She helped me stay awake when I got drowsy by her occasional screams -- she probably helped the neighbors stay awake a bit, too.

I wound up going to sleep before the end. Betty was sure to wake me when she came to bed to ask me, "Did you know that that movie was a true story?" I can't remember if I debunked the movie first or condemned her for waking me up. Anyway, I'm finishing it, myself, over my morning coffee and grapefruit. I've seen it before, back in the 80's, and I liked it quite a bit. And though the effects no longer stand up for me, it's still a decently executed film.

Today I'm getting a late start on account of staying up so late. Had 5 minutes to take a shower before THEY switched off the hot water for the next 7 hours. I've got some papers to grade, maybe do some of the editing of the new episode of TMT, and then got some teaching to do. Hopefully I can finish it up by late this evening or tomorrow!

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