Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, eh?

Okay, so I took a day off yesterday...big deal. Even the president takes those once in a while.

Unfortunately, I can already feel the stifling heat creeping into my apartment and dampening my initiative to create. However, I must persevere!

Actually, I guess I lied. Last night I did wind up writing some sketches for the next episode of Too Much Time. I also did research. Lots and lots of research. Trying to plug Outtake Reel, the site, and get various things going.

Heard back some great things from another one of my test audience members, and I'm waiting to hear more before I commit to any further editing decisions.

Speaking of editing, Jeffry Chaffin, my friend, and partner in the directing department of Outtake Reel has informed me that he has made the picture adjustments to satisfy our cinematographer, Matthew Blute.

It's getting better every day...

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