Friday, September 17, 2010

Is it Friday already?

Let me check...

Yes, it is! Yesterday I got back to writing, yay! I almost finished my third draft for the zombie story, and I had a brilliant brainstorm for my new top secret project, which I think will blow the minds of modern society (let alone horror and fantasy fans). I'm talking a whole new mythology here. Oh boy, I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

And as for that zombie script, as soon as the third draft is done, I'm gonna share it with strategic folks in the film industry to see if I can get any interest. The goal, once again, is to be in production of my next feature in January or February.

As for those of you wondering about Outtake Reel, I haven't forgotten it, or you! I'm still waiting to hear back from the test audience members to whom I sent copies. Then I've got a few ideas in mind on how to try to get a distribution deal, but more on that later. There are a lot more people interested in this project than on my last one, Summer People, so I need to take every step carefully to ensure that I give Outtake Reel a decent chance for a distribution deal.

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