Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whoa, ho! Saturday, is it?

Can you count the amount of blogs that are primarily made up of messages to the tune of: I haven't blogged as much as I'd like to; or, sorry I stopped blogging there for a while...?

Yeah, I'd prefer not to count 'em, myself. However, it seems as though that's what I'm trying to say. In any case, let it be known that my lack of updating moi blog is not indicative of my lack of forward momentum.

Those of you in the loop, are already privy to the premiere screening of Outtake Reel, which is slated for Saturday, August 20, in Los Angeles, at the Downtown Independent Theater.

I have had an article on the production of Outtake Reel published in a prestigious British horror magazine, which you can preview and order here

For a limited time, you can also purchase Outtake Reel, for a special rate directly from the main site:

Various other projects in development, as usual. Time neither waits nor stands still, and neither do I.

Enjoy the weekend!

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