Saturday, February 12, 2011

About time, it's Saturday

Yes, comes a time, sluggish goes the way of postings... But here we are.

Yesterday my waiting finally ended - received a batch of the latest "master" of the Outtake Reel DVD from Jeffry, and I immediately mailed off 4 packages to various horror and cult reviewers. There are three more on deck, that I just need to package up, and they'll be good to go. Then one more to Lloyd Kaufman, for his Tromadance Film Festival (the only festival that I know of that doesn't charge an admission fee).

I also polished the latest draft of my newest script. I think it's a doosy! Thriller / horror is the genre, again. This is the one I wanted to be producing...well, heck, at this very moment, but other things delayed that. Still, I maintain enthusiasm that I will be able to produce it as my final attempt to make a zero budget horror film on the Left Coast.

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