Friday, November 19, 2010 can't be Friday...

This week...I don't know...has seemed somewhat unreal. Maybe it's the diet I'm on...doing strange things to me. Maybe it's some of the daytime drama that I've experienced. Maybe it's the disillusionment that minimal wealth (not being behind in the payments) provides...

In any event, the waves of inspiration have been lapping at the shore, and in addition to the project (script) that I've been researching for the past week -- for which I've gone into another minor panic in terms of "how the heck am I going to shoot this with no money?" -- I've arrived at an idea to do something very visceral and sensual. Think Kenneth Anger meets a young Sam Raimi.

In any case, that's the revelation of the day.

Now it's back to my dietary consumption of one half grapefruit and a cup of coffee before a morning walk.

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