Friday, November 12, 2010


A little chilly, once again, this morning.

My cat got out last night and came back with fleas. After a quick trip to the local supermarket, I returned with the name brand "Sergeant's Silver" flea and tick powder. I applied the stuff as directed and Fritz began acting strangely. I did a search online about the stuff and then nearly panicked as I read HUNDREDS of testimonials from people whose pets became severely ill (and in some cases died) as a result of using the same stuff.

Since Fritz's behavior wasn't nearly as severe as the testimonials I'd read, I didn't totally freak out. Additionally, part of me was dubious because of the poor grammar of nearly ALL the people who'd posted, which led me to think that perhaps these folks hadn't used the product in accordance with its instructions. In any case, it was a sucky night.

Fortunately, all this went down after I'd gotten a chance to edit a video project I was working on and complete some grading work on some papers for my students.

Ah, what a day...

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