Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dark Sunday

Yes, there is the rain. Apart from that, I'm getting a wave of inspiration from a rather dark place. Well, it's my duty as an artist, I guess, to not judge it. Just roll with it.

I'm continuing with my regiment of a particular genre of films right now (I don't care to reveal which genre) as research for a script I'm working on. So far, I've examined the topic that I've selected as presented by a Swedish filmmaker, and a French filmmaker. I must say, after watching the French film, sometimes I really get annoyed with the particular self-indulgences of some European filmmakers.

Naturally, many artists are self-indulgent, and I've accepted that. But some are self-indulgent with better results than others. Italian and French films are a particular challenge for me (not all, of course). But Italian and French art generally leaves me with a sense that I've been held in a kaleidoscope for more time than is necessary.

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