Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yaaarrgghh!!!'s Wednesday...

Struck with a brilliant idea for my next feature last night. Nuff said.

Spent way too much time combing through and organizing my DVD collection looking for something; however, I was eventually victorious. Then I was able to do some research for the Halloween Episode of TMT, and I started to do more art for it.

I also strategically shopped for props for the same episode and found a winter coat at Ross. Funny that. Saw the coat, it spoke to me (like very few articles of clothing do), called Betty and got an okay on the asking price. She did ask me to find out if there were any coupons, first. So, I went to the nearby Albertson's and sifted through their 2-day-old newspapers for coupons. Nada. So I called my brother and a friend -- to find out if anyone was near a computer -- and then finally used my phone to go online (slowly) and see if Ross had any coupons available. Nada.

It did happen to be 10% off day for people over 50, but the cashier didn't believe my claim that I was Benjamin Button.

The coat looks nice.

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