Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday...why ain't I happy?

Probably because yesterday was thick with malaise. Lethargy gave way to an extensive mid-afternoon nap, gave way to a headache....and although I did get my day job done, I didn't do any of the paperwork that has formed into a formidable stack.

Today I am up before the sun. Not that it's too early (it's about 7:30 now), but it's overcast. I'm also typing with band-aids on both of my index fingers (one because of a hot glue gun accident, and one because of a cut of unknown origin from something in the kitchen), which is a somewhat irksome sensation.

I've got one "day job" to look forward to today at 5 o'clock. I'm laying off the caffeine as part of an experiment. I'd like to get that ferschluggener stack of papers graded. I'd like to get some writing done on one of two of my current scripts. I'd like to continue working on the OR ruse. And I'd like to create more episodes of TMT.

But it seems as though my train is rolling off the tracks. We'll see what happens...

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