Friday, October 8, 2010

Is that a Friday in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Yes, it's Friday. Although it only feels like Tuesday until I get over the 5 o'clock hump called work. It's not bad, though. Today's work is me teaching a Debate class at a tutoring center. I rather enjoy it, and the kids do, too.

Alas, I regress (yes the word was chosen deliberately instead of "digress" so please hold your comments), the important news for the day is that I finished another episode of Too Much Time. It is uploading to YouTube right now, and as soon as it is done, I shall Spam all of my friends and those foolish enough to call themselves my friends, to let them know the good word.

With this episode, I truly feel the conflict within myself of Producer vs. Director, as I cut out some of the funny bits on account of keeping a tight pacing. Maybe someday, I'll release an extended remix dance version of the shows. But until I do, I hope you like them in their current states.

Typing is annoying this morning, because I have to take time off from swatting at the miniature flying insects that have infested our apartment. Yesterday we were ordered to remove all of our patio stuff so that the management could paint all of the apartment patios. So we've got all of Betty's *$%@!ing plants in our apartment (with all of their passenger insects). Ugh! There's not even enough room for me to sit on the couch and watch TV, and this is most distressing because I received Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence from Netflix yesterday, and I want to watch it.

Anyway, I'm compounding the problem by writing so much, but then...where do I have to go to? Perhaps I'll go to a nearby coffee shop and do some quality writing of my current top-secret screenplay project.

More good news on the OR front(that's Outtake Reel for those of you just joining in), I got word back from another one of my test audience members and the results were very favorable. One constant seems to be that it really unnerves people. This is a bonus in the world of horror. Anyway, enough flies, I'm out.

Enjoy TMT 4, which I'll post as soon as it's done uploading...

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  1. Well my may have too much time on your hands but...You are certainly using your time well I think! Very awesome! Spreading the word where I can.... :) :) :) :)