Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dunday mording shmeh...

A bit hard to roll out of bed this morning. But now that I'm done with my yoga routine and typing my blog within close proximity of my cat, who's doing his morning business, I am more or less awake. Gotta get moving soon. I've got a student this morning.

Yesterday I wound up getting the apartment cleaned up some. However, no sooner had I cleaned everything up, than I started about some creative endeavors, which resulted in said cleaned areas being littered with various art supplies.

I also tried the fried chicken at Stater Bros. for lunch yesterday. I do not recommend it. You'd be safer to go with Albertsons'. In other news, I also got the rest of the next episode of TMT written (except for angel and devil), and I will probably shoot it today or tomorrow.

Jeffry's done with all the final edits on OR, and I should be getting it within a few days. Then I'm going to see if I can use my influence to get into a showcase in LA in November.

Any newcomers to this blog should definitely check out the Outtake Reel website:

And if you aren't yet hip to it, check out TMT:

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