Thursday, September 9, 2010

What, did you think that was it?

It's a new day. Yessir, it surely is. Guaranteed!

First thing is first- I've been pretty busy since my last post -- was about a year ago. But I have not been lazy, no sir! Nope, I have successfully written, produced, and directed another feature length film.

It is called "Outtake Reel," and it just had its premiere at the Horrific Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Stay tuned for updates on that! Or, for more info on the movie, itself (including really cool trailers), go to the official site:

Or, join the fun at the official Outtake Reel Facebook page (and see TONS of behind the scenes pictures):!/pages/Outtake-Reel/178955428325?ref=ts


Now, I'd like to give all of you good folks first look at the newest potential Internet sensation!

This is the premiere webisode of what I hope will be a long-standing series that I like to call: "Too Much Time."

Enough talk! I don't have very much time. Check it out!

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