Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Plan

Hey, guess what day it is, kiddies? That's right -- it's Tuesday. This morning has begun with a headache which I've semi-successfully combatted with a douse of yoga, chased quickly with a cup of coffee.

Next up is taking care of business. That's right, I mean doing laundry and paying bills. After which, of course, I'll be doing some serious writing.

I'm currently on track to be shooting my next feature in January or February, and there is much work to be done. In the last month I've written two scripts. Both of which need a lot of work.

I've got one more in my head, and then the plan is to see which, out of two of them, I can raise money / talent (recognizable actors) for. If I am not able to succeed, the third script will be reliant on another minimalist premise, which would not require a big budget, and that will be my fallback.

You always gotta have a plan. You always gotta keep moving...

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